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Generate KML (pasda/PennDOT)

Document Name:
    Pa Interstate Mile Markers 2019_05(0)
    PA Tpk Toll Plazas 2008_08(1)
    Pa Administrative State Roads 2019_05(2)
    Pa Local Roads 2019_05(3)
    Pa State Roads 2019_05(4)
    Pa Traffic 2019_05(5)
    Pa Congressional 2019_05(6)
    Pa County 2019_07(7)
    Pa Engr District 2019_07(8)
    Pa House 2019_05(9)
    Pa Municipalities 2019_07(10)
    Pa School Districts 2019_07(11)
    Pa Senatorial 2019_05(12)
    Pa State 2019_07(13)
    Pa Urban Areas 2019_05(14)
    Pa MPO RPO Planning 2019_07(15)
    PA Interstate Highway Exits 2019_05(16)
    Pa Facilities 2019_05(17)
    Pa Intermodal 2019_05(18)
    PA RMS BONDS 2019_05(19)
    PA RMS POSTED 2019_05(20)
    Pa Bridges 2019_05(21)
    Pa Rail Lines 2018_07(22)
    Pa At Grade Intersections 2019_05(23)
    Pa Drain Pipes 2019_05(24)
    Pa Railroad Crossings 2019_01(25)
    Pa Transportation Improvement Projects - Line 2019_05(26)
    PA Transportation Improvement Projects - Point 2019_05(27)
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Each layer as a separate image
Vector layers as vectors and raster layers as images