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Document Name:
    AML Inventory Points 2021_07(0)
    AML Inventory Polygon 2021_07(1)
    AML Inventory Sites 2021_07(2)
    Air Emission Plants 2021_07(3)
    Beneficial Land Uses 2021_07(4)
    Captive Hazardous Waste Operations 2021_07(5)
    Coal Mining Operations 2021_07(6)
    Coal Pillar Location Mining 2021_07(7)
    Coal Pillar Location Oil and Gas 2021_07(8)
    Commercial Hazardous Waste Operations 2021_07(9)
    Encroachment Locations 2021_07(10)
    Encroachment Locations Oil Gas 2021_07(11)
    Environmental Justice Areas 2005(12)
    Erosion and Sediment Control Facilities 2021_07(13)
    Historic Streams 2004(14)
    Industrial Mineral Mining Operations 2021_07(15)
    Integrated List Attaining 2021_07(16)
    Integrated List NonAttaining 2021_07(17)
    Land Recycling Cleanup Locations 2021_07(18)
    Mine Drain Treat Land Recycling Project Locations 2021_07(19)
    Municipal Waste Operations 2021_07(20)
    Oil Gas Locations 2021_09(21)
    Oil Gas Locations Conventional Unconventional 2021_09(22)
    Oil Gas Water Pollution Control Facilities 2021_07(23)
    Pa Coastal Zones 2004(24)
    Radiation Facilities 2021_07(25)
    Residual Waste Operations 2021_07(26)
    Storage Tank Locations - Active 2021_09(27)
    Stormwater 167 2021_04(28)
    Streams CH93 Designated Use 2019_03(29)
    Streams CH93 Existing Use 2019_03(30)
    Total Maximum Daily Load Lakes 2021_07(31)
    Total Maximum Daily Load 2021_07(32)
    Unpaved Roads 2009_07(33)
    Water Pollution Control Facilities 2021_07(34)
    Water Resources 2021_07(35)
    Ground Water Monitoring 1999(36)
    Unsuitable Mining 2013_06(37)
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Each layer as a separate image
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