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Generate KML (pasda/DCNR)

Document Name:
    DCNR Snowmobile Trails 2008 WP(0)
    DCNR Rail Trails wp 2008(1)
    DCNR Statewide Land Trails wp 2008(2)
    DCNR Snowmobile Trails 2008(3)
    DCNR Rail Trails 2008(4)
    DCNR Statewide Land Trails 2008(5)
    DCNR BOF State Forests 201703(6)
    DCNR Landform 1998(7)
    DCNR State Parks 201703(8)
    DCNR BOF Wild and Natural Areas 201703(9)
    DCNR Glacial 1K(10)
    DCNR Glacial 5K(11)
    DCNR Physiographic Provinces 1K(12)
    DCNR Physiographic Provinces 5K(13)
    DCNR PA Wilds(14)
    DCNR Forest Districts 201703(15)
    DCNR Physiographic Provinces 2008(16)
    DCNR Physiographic Sections 2008(17)
    DCNR Local Park 201511(18)
    DCNR Local Park Access 201511(19)
Layer Options: All layers as a single composite image (Layers can't be turned on and off in client)
Each layer as a separate image
Vector layers as vectors and raster layers as images