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Document Name:
    ERRI Oil Gas Wells 1996(0)
    ERRI Agricultural Security Areas 1996(1)
    Network Streams(2)
    Pa Active Railroads 1996(3)
    Pa Inactive Railroads 1996(4)
    ERRI Inactive Railroads 1996(5)
    ERRI Major Rivers 1996(6)
    ERRI Major Roads 1996(7)
    Pa Quater Quads 2003(8)
    Pa Scenic Rivers 1996(9)
    Major Watersheds 104 with Names(10)
    Pa Coastal Floodplains(11)
    Pa Ecoregions(12)
    Pa Major River Basins(13)
    Pa Oil Gas Fields 1996(14)
    ERRI National Parks 1996(15)
    ERRI National Wildlife Preserves PA(16)
    ERRI Oil Gas Fields 1996(17)
    ERRI Small Watersheds 1997(18)
    ERRI Small Watersheds 2014(19)
    GAP Stewardship 1999(20)
    Major Watersheds 104(21)
    ERRI Coal Mined Areas 1996(22)
    ERRI Exceptional Value Watersheds 1996(23)
    ERRI Floodplains 1996(24)
    ERRI National Fish Hatchery 1996(25)
    ERRI National Forest 1996(26)
    ERRI National Landmarks 1996(27)
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