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Generate KML (pasda/DCNR_ShaleGasMonitoringReport)

Document Name:
    Frag Map 20121231(0)
    Frag Map Pre 2008(1)
    DCNR LOC Export Dec 31 2012(2)
    DCNR Pads Export Dec 31 2012(3)
    DCNR Pipeline Export Dec 31 2012(4)
    DCNR Road Gas Export Dec 31 2012(5)
    Draft DCNR OG Ownership Dec 31 2012(6)
    ROS Summer Final Pre 2008(7)
    ROS Summer Gas 20121231(8)
Layer Options: All layers as a single composite image (Layers can't be turned on and off in client)
Each layer as a separate image
Vector layers as vectors and raster layers as images