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Generate KML (pasda/CityPhilly2)

Document Name:
    Philadelphia Census Tracts2010 201302(0)
    Philadelphia Green Storm Water Infrastructure 201302(1)
    Philadelphia Police Service Areas 201304(2)
    Philadelphia PPR Major Multiuse Trails 201302(3)
    Philadelphia PPR Park Boundaries 2016(4)
    Philadelphia Correctional Facilities 2016(5)
    Philadelphia Correctional Pts 2016(6)
    Philadelphia PPR Districts 2016(7)
    Philadelphia Solar Installations 2016(8)
    Philly Commerce Storefront Improvement(9)
    Philly Commerce Business Services Market Areas(10)
    Philly OHCD Choice Neighborhoods(11)
    Philly Rising Boundaries(12)
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Each layer as a separate image
Vector layers as vectors and raster layers as images