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Document Name:
    Philadelphia Buildings 2017(0)
    Philadelphia Census Tracts 2000(1)
    Philadelphia Contours 10ft 200712(2)
    Philadelphia Contours 2ft 200712(3)
    Philadelphia Council Districts 1990(4)
    Philadelphia Council Districts 2000(5)
    Philadelphia Empowerment Zones 201201(6)
    Philadelphia Enterprise Zones 201201(7)
    Philly OEM Evacuation Route 2016(8)
    Philly Fire Fire Dept Facilities 2016(9)
    Philadelphia Geographic Market Areas 2016(10)
    Philadelphia Impervious Surfaces 2015(11)
    Philadelphia Libraries 201302(12)
    Philadelphia Municipal Legislative Boundaries 2000(13)
    Philadelphia DOR Parcels Active 2016(14)
    Philadelphia Redevelopment Certified Areas 200901(15)
    Philadelphia School Facilities 2016(16)
    Philadelphia Topographic Contours 1996(17)
    Philadelphia Transparcels 201201(18)
    Philadelphia Political Ward Divisions 2016(19)
    Philadelphia Census Block Groups 201201(20)
    Philadelphia Historic Sites Natl Reg 201201(21)
    Philadelphia Historic Sites Phila Reg 201201(22)
    Philadelphia Bike Racks 201201(23)
    Philadelphia Police Sectors Boundaries 201202(24)
    Philadelphia Watercourses Designated Protection Line 2016(25)
    Philadelphia Watercourses Designated Protection Poly 2016(26)
    Philadelphia Zoning Registered Community Organizations 2016(27)
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